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The Space Café Podcast #062 – Laura Todd, Vice President of Space Exploration and Future Programs at Airbus

SpaceWatch.Global is pleased to present: The Space Café Podcast #062 - Laura Todd, Vice President of Space Exploration and Future Programs at Airbus. With #nextspace, Airbus is trying to open up new business areas in space. As expected, the opportunities are many, but the obstacles to making the necessary changes on a global scale are significant.

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D-Orbit wins tender for launch and deployment of two TU Berlin satellites

Space logistics and orbital transportation company D-Orbit, won a public tender for the launch and deployment of two satellites designed and built by TU Berlin’s (Technische Universität/Berlin Institute of Technology) Chair of Space Technology, D-Orbit said.  The two NanoFF (Nanosatellites in Formation Flight)

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Spaceport in discussions to become Green Freeport subzone

SaxaVord Spaceport is in talks with the North East Scotland Green Freeport (NESGF) bid partners to create a strategic partnership, under which SaxaVord would become a subzone of the NESGF, the Spaceport said. The Scottish spaceport will give place to the United Kingdom’s first vertical rocket launches in 2023, deploying small satellites into orbit. 

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Local Aboriginal artist designs Southern Launch’s upcoming rocket launch mission patch

Local Koonibba artist, Kevina Ware, has designed the mission patch for the next rocket launch mission from Southern Launch’s Koonibba Test Range which is due to launch in the coming weeks, Southern Launch said.  Launch services company, Southern Launch commissioned Ware as part of their ongoing relationship with the Koonibba Community Aboriginal Corporation.

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Momentus signs hosted payload service agreement with LuxSpace

U.S.-based commercial space company planning to offer in-space infrastructure services, Momentus, signed a service agreement with Luxembourg-based small satellites and space-based applications and services provider, LuxSpace, Momentus said. Hosted payloads are a foundational in-space infrastructure service enabling

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U.S. signs Framework Agreement with New Zealand to boost space sector

The United States and the New Zealand governments signed a Framework Agreement to provide new opportunities for the New Zealand space sector and closer collaboration with NASA, said Economic and Regional Development Minister, Stuart Nash. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, and Vice President Kamala Harris, welcomed the completion of negotiations on the agreement earlier in May.

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