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Soyuz Rocket Launches Russian Military Satellite After One-Month Delay

A Russian military communications satellite rode a Soyuz rocket and Fregat upper stage on 20 February 2020 into an orbit stretching nearly 25,000 miles (40,000 kilometers) above Earth, successfully launching after a one-month delay to replace a suspect third stage on the Soyuz booster.

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Globalstar Launches SPOT Mapping Platform With New Terrain Details And Weather Overlays

Globalstar Europe Satellite Services Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Globalstar Inc. and a leader in satellite messaging and emergency notification technologies, has introduced its new mapping software, SPOT Mapping. This new platform gives adventurers and lone workers enhanced location insights, including granular detail about terrain to aid navigation, and, …

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#SpaceWatchGL Op-Ed: A View From The Party–My Perspective On OneWeb’s Successful Commercial Launch

By Ewan Lawrenson On 7 February 2020, global communications company OneWeb successfully launched 34 satellites aboard a Soyuz launch vehicle from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. It was the second successful launch in OneWeb’s campaign to build its phase one constellation of 648 satellites to deliver high-speed, low-latency global connectivity. …

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#SpaceWatchGL Op-Ed: The Global Space And Technology Convention 2020, Singapore: Pushing The Innovation Frontier 

By Anna Hazlett This was my second time attending the Global Space and Technology Convention (GSTC) in Singapore, held 5-7 February 2020. GSTC is just one example of the Singapore Space and Technology Association’s (SSTA) ongoing efforts to bolster Asia’s space & technology scene. The SSTA focuses on developing Singapore’s space …

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