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DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-4 commercial earth observation satellite successfully launched after wildfire delay

WorldView-4, DigitalGlobe’s latest high-resolution Earth observation satellite, was finally, and successfully, launched out of Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, on a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas-V launch vehicle. The launch took place on 11 November 2016, just under two months after its scheduled launch. The lengthy delay was caused by …

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German foreign intelligence service to get its own reconnaissance satellite in 2022

German news outlet Deutsche Welle, along with other German media sources, reports that the German federal foreign intelligence agency, the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), has been allocated a U.S.435 million (approximately 400 million Euros) budget line to acquire its own high-resolution satellite reconnaissance system expected to enter service in 2022. The BND …

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Op’ed: Space in Europe: we are living in exciting times!

Europe is about to make key decisions that will affect its place in space for the coming years. Through its flagship projects, both current and future, it will strive to ensure that it remains a strong and influential player. Vera Pinto Gomes, Policy Analyst at the EU Satellite Navigation Programme, gives her …

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SES partners with International Organisation for Migration to create disaster management manual

SES S.A. announced on 2 November 2016 that it has been selected by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) to create a digital emergency manual, in a project funded by the Luxembourg Government. IOM, which carries out humanitarian operations globally to address the most urgent needs of displaced populations, updated …

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Digital Society Conference 2016: “Defending Democracy – Increasing Innovation”

In our digital age, democracy is at risk. Military cyber attackers infiltrate democratic processes and institutions, while totalitarian states stabilise through mass surveillance and censorship. International mass surveillance undermines civil and human rights and erodes trust in digitisation. Knowledge and opinion on the Internet are increasingly fabricated and abused to manipulate …

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Israel’s Gilat first to provide LTE speeds over satellite networks using layer 2 for GTP acceleration

Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd., a worldwide leader in satellite networking technology, solutions and services, announced today being the first to deliver Layer 2 with General Packet Radio Service Tunneling Protocol (GTP) acceleration to provide true Long-Term Evolution networks (LTE) speeds as well as operational efficiency, for large-scale networks. Layer 2 …

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