ICT Spring - 2022


#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: Australia needs to aim high with space strategic update

As part of the partnership between SpaceWatch.Global and The Strategist, we have been granted permission to publish selected articles. This is “Australia needs to aim high with space strategic update” by Malcolm Davis, originally published on 11 March 2022. Last week at the 13th Australian Space Forum in Adelaide, the minister for science and technology, Melissa Price, 

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#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: Satellites in a world of Crisis

Last weekend I received a link to the presentation that Steve Collar (CEO of SES) gave during GovSatCom22 in Luxemburg late last month. Steve is someone I genuinely respect, and we go back a long time. I fondly remember working with him on a DVB-RCS project back in 2003 that we thought was going to be critically important for the future of our industry,

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Polaris receives Bundeswehr contract for spaceplane demonstrator

The German Bundeswehr (Federal Defense) has awarded Polaris a contract to build and flight-test a scaled demonstrator of its Aurora space launch and hypersonic system, Polaris reported. The vehicle is a downscaled version of the future spaceplane powered by a reusable liquid-fuel rocket engine.

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ESA suspends ExoMars mission

ESA announced the suspension of the ExoMars programme in alignment with the sanctions imposed on Russia by its Member States. ESA’s ruling Council assessed the situation that the war in Ukraine caused with regards to ExoMars, and came to a unanimous decision. The Council came to the conclusion that it was impossible to keep cooperating with Roscosmos on the ExoMars rover mission.

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The Space Cafe Podcast #050: Hansjörg Dittus, about Europe’s Role in Space (an honest discussion)

SpaceWatch.Global is pleased to present the 50th episode in our podcast series The Space Cafe Podcast #050: Hansjörg Dittus, about Europe's Role in Space (an honest discussion). Hansjörg Dittus served for many years on the board of the German Aerospace Center. Against the backdrop of dramatic developments in the crisis with Russia,

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