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China’s new space station module, Wentian, successfully docks

China has successfully docked Wentian, the second module of its Tiangong space station to the first, Tianhe section, the China National Space Administration (CNSA) said. The rendezvous and docking process with the forward port of Tianhe went smoothly, taking approximately 13 hours. Wentian will be moved to a side port with the help of the module's 10-meter-long robotic arm.

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Space Café Radio – on tour in Bonn – with Robert Meisner

In this Space Café Radio – SpaceWatch.Global Event coordinator and Space Café Young Global Talents Host Chiara Moenter spoke with Robert Meisner, Earth Observation Outreach and Φ-Experience coordinator at ESA, at the Living Planet Symposium in Bonn. This symposium is the world’s largest Earth Observation conference.

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First European female spacewalker and Russian cosmonaut complete works on ISS

ESA’s Samantha Cristoforetti became the first European female spacewalker when she went outside the International Space Station (ISS) with Russian cosmonaut, Oleg Artemyev, to complete a seven-hour mission working on the space station. Works carried out by the pair included installing platforms and workstation adapter hardware to the Nauka laboratory module.

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NASA signs seat barter agreement with Roscosmos

After Dimirty Rogozin had been removed as head of Roscosmos, NASA announced it signed an agreement with Roscosmos to exchange seats on spacecraft traveling to the International Space Station (ISS) from September. NASA says that “integrated crews,” with Russian cosmonauts on Crew Dragon spacecraft and American astronauts on Soyuz spacecraft, are essential to safe ISS operations.

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Saudi Arabia joins the Artemis Accords

Saudi Arabia is the newest country to join the Artemis Accords, demonstrating its commitment to sustainable space exploration for the benefit of all mankind guided by a common set of principles, NASA said. The Accords was signed by the CEO of the Saudi Space Commission, Mohammed bin Saud Al-Tamimi, on behalf of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Dr Alice Bunn becomes new UKspace President

CEO of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), Dr Alice Bunn OBE, has been named as the new President of UKspace, the trade association of the British space industry, the institution said. She takes over the role from Will Whitehorn from September. Dr Bunn joined IMechE a year ago; prior to that, she served as the UK Space Agency’s International Director.

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