Space Tech Expo Bremen - 2021 Nov


#SpaceWatchGL Op-Ed: How Space Technologies Help Fight The Coronavirus In China

In this two-part study, exclusive to SpaceWatch.Global, researcher Yue Yuan examines the role of satellite technologies in detecting and monitoring the ongoing outbreak of the Coronavirus - also known as COVID-19 - and their wider role in national and global public health.

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UK’s Proposed Sovereign GNSS System On Hold Due To Debate On Requirements

The proposed sovereign Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) announced by the British government after the decision to leave the European Union (EU), and the subsequent lockout of the British space industry from the EU's Galileo GNSS programme, is reportedly on hold due to intensive debates between British polticians and officials over the UK's GNSS requirements and what a sovereign system should look like.

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ANU To Lead Development Of First Australian Satellite Designed To Spot Bushfire Danger Zones

Researchers at The Australian National University (ANU) will lead the development of the first Australian satellite designed to predict where bushfires are likely to start and those that will be difficult to contain. The new satellite will accurately measure forest fuel load and vegetation moisture levels across Australia. The technology …

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Zoé Berthiaume-Dutrisac Joins Satellogic as Chief of Engineering

Satellogic, the first company to develop a scalable earth observation platform with the ability to remap the entire planet at both high-frequency and high-resolution, today announced the appointment of Zoé Berthiaume-Dutrisac as Chief of Engineering. Berthiaume-Dutrisac will oversee satellite development, production and operations for Satellogic’s global team, including managing technical timelines and guiding engineering strategy and goals, while overseeing quality and troubleshooting.

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