ISU MSS 2024


Space Café Scotland by Angela Mathis Recap: Building a Spaceport is More Difficult Than Building a Rocket

The year’s second Space Café Scotland by Angela Mathis - Building a Spaceport is More Difficult Than Building a Rocket took place on Thursday, 28th February interviewing Frank Strang, CEO of SaxaVord Space Port. Strang trained as a Physical Education teacher at The Scottish School of Physical Education in Glasgow, Jordan Hill College.

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Rocket Lab successfully catches booster returning from space with helicopter

Rocket Lab has successfully deployed 34 satellites to orbit during its “There And Back Again” mission, which also included a mid-air capture of the Electron booster with a helicopter for the first time. This was the company’s 26th Electron mission. Rocket Lab has deployed a total of 146 satellites to orbit with the launch vehicle so far.

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UAE Astronaut to fly to ISS in 2023 with Axiom Space

Human spaceflight services provider and human-rated space infrastructure developer Axiom Space, signed an agreement with the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center (MBRSC) to fly a UAE professional crew member to the ISS on the NASA-SpaceX Crew-6 mission, Axiom said. The mission is expected to launch in 2023.

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Boeing Starliner’s second test flight scheduled for May

The second uncrewed Orbital Flight Test-2 (OFT-2) for NASA’s Commercial Crew Program launching Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner spacecraft atop a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket is targeted for 19th May, Boeing said. During OFT-2, the company will test Starliner's and Atlas V’s capabilities from launch to docking and re-rentry operations.

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Minerva mission begins aboard ISS as Crew-4 arrives

Crew Dragon Freedom has successfully docked to the ISS, carrying ESA astronaut and mission specialist Samantha Cristoforetti and NASA astronauts  Kjell Lindgren (commander), Robert Hines (pilot) and Jessica Watkins (mission specialist). The crew has begun a six-month-long science mission as part of Expedition 67 and later Expedition 68.

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