Space Suppliers Summit Glasgow 2024


EUSI and Pixxel Partner for Hyperspectral Imagery Offerings

European Space Imaging (EUSI) and Pixxel have announced a strategic partnership that will give users unparalleled access to the world's "most detailed hyperspectral imagery" from Pixxel directly through EUSI. Together with EUSI’s capability to build insights and products, the partnership has the potential to set a new benchmark in remote sensing applications in the region. Furthermore, the offering from EUSI aims to solidify the Company's position as a hub for EO data in the region, as customers can now acquire Pixxel’s hyperspectral dataset in addition to world-leading optical and SAR imagery, all from a single source.

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Yahsat reports third quarter results for 2023

yahsat headquarters. Credit yahsat

Yahsat, Al Yah Satellite Communications Company, a UAE satellite solutions provider announced on the 7th of November its consolidated financial results for the nine months ending on the 30th September 2023. Revenue and Normalised EBITDA grew 3% for the first nine months of the year versus the prior year to reach AED 1.2 billion and AED 713 million, respectively. Their Net Income more than doubled whilst Normalized Net Income was in line versus the prior year period at AED 274 million.

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Viasat supports U.S.A.F in Major Indo-Pacific Military Exercise


Viasat, Inc. has successfully supported the U.S. Air Force’s (USAF) Air Mobility Command (AMC) during a major military exercise, Mobility Guardian 2023 (MG23), involving 3,000 personnel and 70 aircraft from the U.S. and Allied Forces. One of the biggest of the year, the Air Force exercise featured complex test flights and operational scenarios across 3,000 miles of the Pacific region, including over Japan, Australia, and Hawaii. U.S allies also participating in the exercise included Canada, France, New Zealand, and the U.K.

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SpaceRake Receives SDA Funding for Miniaturized Lasercoms


SpaceRake, Inc., has received approximately $1.8 million in Direct to Phase II SBIR funding from the Space Development Agency (SDA). The two-year agreement will consequently provide funding for SpaceRake to develop miniaturized lasercom terminals for networking satellites in space. The SpaceRake terminals will enable a wide variety of satellites to connect to orbital network links like the SDA Transport Layer currently in development, allowing cost-effective small satellites and constellations to be increasingly viable for incorporation into future resilient space communication architectures.

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Aerospacelab and DUPUIS to Launch Comic-Inspired Mission


Aerospacelab and DUPUIS, a renowned publisher of comic albums and magazines, have announced their collaboration with the launch of Aerospacelab’s Versatile Satellite Platform (VSP), SPIP satellite, the company’s fourth satellite to travel into space. Less than a month after the launch of its PVCC satellite, Aerospacelab is gearing up for another launch from Space Launch Complex 4E (SLC-4E) at Vandenberg Space Force Base in California, United States.

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Sierra Space Announces Dream Chaser Spaceplane

Sierra Space has announced the completion of its first  Dream Chaser spaceplane, which will ship to NASA’s Neil A. Armstrong Test Facility in Ohio for environmental testing in the coming weeks. Sierra Space was able to develop the spaceplace through a substantial contract from NASA to resupply the International Space Station. The Pureplay commercial space company intends the Dream Chaser to lead the way in democratizing access to space, forging a path towards joint space exploration and international cooperation.

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SDSC 2023 – Interview with Elise Olt and Marily Hendrikson

An illuminating discussion from #SDC2023 with two trailblazing Estonian space leaders - Elise Olt and Marily Hendrikson! � Get inspired as they share a vibrant vision for Estonia's growing role in the global space industry. Learn how their work is expanding access and opportunity in space tech for future generations. Elise and Marily provide unique perspectives on Estonia's emerging space sector and shaping the new space economy.

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Kuva Space Secures $17.6 Million in Series A Funding

Kuva Space satellite artist rendering. Credit Kuva Space

Kuva Space, a Finnish hyperspectral satellite imagery company, has successfully raised 16.6 million euros ($17.6 million) in a recent Series A funding round. The startup, founded in 2016, aims to accelerate its satellite launches and expand its market reach, especially in the United States. The funding will be utilised to enhance Kuva Space’s AI analytics platform.

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Andøya Spaceport is Officially Inaugurated

Andoya Spaceport

Andøya Spaceport has been officially inaugurated as the first operational spaceport in continental Europe, and the first launch site of the European launch service company Isar Aerospace. The inauguration happened in an official ceremony, with H.R.H. Crown Prince Haakon inaugurating the spaceport. The inauguration also marks an essential milestone on Isar Aerospace’s path to its first test flight.

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