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Pangea Aerospace and Tehiru Partner for Air-Launch System

Aerospace startup Tehiru and Pangea Aerospace have announced a partnership that will involve Pangea Aerospace supplying the ARCOS methalox aerospike engine to Tehiru for its first-ever thermo-electric rocket booster, making it more cost-effective, sustainable, and reusable. Tehiru’s rocket can support payloads up to 550 kg to LEO as part of their air-launch system.

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Fleet Space Partners with Australia’s Defense Space Command

Fleet Space Technologies has signed an AUD$6.4 million contract with Australia’s Defence Space Command, marking their first defense contract. The agreement will see Fleet's next-generation of Centauri satellites which it used to develop and demonstrate a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite communications system focus on tactical communications and data transmission where connectivity is limited.

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ThrustMe propulsion system launched onboard SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket

NorSat-TD. Credit Space Norway

ThrustMe , a French deep tech company, announced on the 17th of April that their NPT30-I2 iodine fueled electric propulsion system as part of the NorSat-TD satellite was successfully launched. ThrustMe designs miniaturized aerospace thrusters for small satellites, increasing the life of satellites and making them more affordable. The Norwegian Space Agency’s NorSat-TD satellite was onboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from the Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. 

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PLD Space presents launch facilities for MIURA 5 programme 

MIURA flight. Credit: PLD Space

PLD Space, a Spanish small satellite space launcher company, announced on the 17th of April that it is making great strides in the development of its MIURA 1 Test Flight 1 campaign. PLD Space held its first Customer Day at its launch centre in El Arenosillo that brought together players in satellite manufacturing and operations, both nationally and internationally. The PLD Space team shared its current roadmap and perspectives to its first customers during this dedicated visit. The customers had the opportunity of visiting the new control centre and launch pad from where PLD Space will perform the next test flight of the MIURA 1 demonstrator over the coming weeks. 

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UK Space Agency Funding for International Space Partnerships

The UK Space Agency is launching a £20 million fund to support international partnerships that will harness the UK’s national strengths, support new space capabilities, and catalyze investment. This announcement came on the opening day of the Space Symposium conference in Colorado Springs, US.

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Axiom Space Introduces Program for Access to Low-Earth Orbit

Axiom Space is launching the Axiom Space Access Program to enable countries to realize the long-term economic and scientific value in microgravity today without building or expanding their infrastructure, such as on-orbit facilities, launch vehicles, medical or training programs, and support capabilities. Azercosmos, the Space Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan, became the first participating country in the Axiom Space Access Program

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Leonardo DRS Mission Captures Earth Images for NASA

Leonardo DRS

Leonardo DRS, Inc has announced that its new high-precision radiometer technology is helping to measure the Earth’s surface temperature from space. The image collection from the company’s Multiband Uncooled SmallSat Imaging Radiometer (MUSIR) payload is part of an innovative demonstration mission for NASA. MUSIR, with its space-based uncooled thermal imaging radiometer technology, aims to pave the way for small, affordable satellite constellations.

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