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ispace HAKUTO-R Mission 1 Lunar Lander Status Update

ispace, inc. has issued an update on the status of the HAKUTO-R Mission 1 Lunar Lander. The HAKUTO-R Mission 1 Lunar Lander was scheduled to touchdown on the surface of the Moon at approximately 1:40 a.m. JST. As of 8:00 a.m. JST, April 26, 2023, the communication between the lander and the Mission Control Center is lost, despite expecting it even after the touchdown. As a result, ispace has determined that Success 9 of the Mission Milestones is not achievable.

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Evolution Space Completes First Successful Space Mission

Evolution Space

Evolution Space has announced the successful completion of its first space mission, Gold Chain Cowboy. The rocket reached apogee at 124.5 kilometers (408,456 ft), 24.5 km past the Kármán line - the internationally recognized boundary of space - at 8:12 am on Saturday, April 22nd, 2023. This consequently marked a significant milestone for the company and the greater space launch industry. Furthermore, the success also sees the Company become the 9th privately funded US company to pass the Kármán line and reach space.

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OQ Tech Receives Space Activity Licence from Luxembourg

OQ Technology has received a space activity licence from the Government of Luxembourg after undergoing rigorous technical, legal, security, and administrative due diligence on the company, its operations and future plans. As a result, OQ Technology becomes one of the first space companies in Luxembourg to receive this authorization under Luxembourg’s new law on Space Activities

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Kacific Wins the Gold Stevie Award for CommsBox


Kacific has, through its CommsBox, a transportable, all-in-one satellite communications product, received recognition at the 10th annual Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards. Kacific won the Gold Stevie® Award for “Achievement in Product Innovation” with CommsBox, which addresses the challenges faced by disaster-prone areas. Users can quickly and easily deploy CommsBox to create a self-contained wireless communication network.

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Torsten Hoffmann Announces FORTITUDE Documentary


Torsten Hoffmann, founder and CEO of Melbourne-based 3D/4k Content Hub has announced the launch of his latest documentary, FORTITUDE. The documentary will build on Hoffman's previous film CRYPTOPIA (Netflix Europe, Amazon Prime), which delved into the world of blockchain technology. However, FORTITUDE will now explore the inspiring and rapidly evolving landscape of the emerging NewSpace economy.

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Apogeo Space Partners INSIGHIO P.C for Satellite Services Test

Apogeo Space has announced a collaboration agreement with INSIGHIO P.C. (INSIGHIO). The collaboration will see Apogeo Space test its satellite connection services on several of INSIGHIO’s existing products and projects. These projects will range from smart agriculture, precision agriculture, environmental and infrastructure monitoring to waste management. 

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#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: How the European Union and the African Union are stepping up cooperation in space 

Short wave infrared satellite view of Abidjan - Copernicus Sentinel-2

On 26 and 27 April, the EU Global Action will participate in the NewSpace Africa Conference 2023 to put on display success stories and explore the new opportunities emerging in the fast-growing African space sector, a sector in which Europe is strongly present and sees new opportunities for business cooperation and growth.

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SpaceX Completes First Fully Integrated Starship Flight Test

SpaceX has successfully completed its first fully integrated Starship flight test as it successfully launched the rocket. However, the launch was not a complete success, as the rocket exploded four minutes into the flight. This happened as the booster failed to separate from the spacecraft as intended, causing the rocket to tumble and subsequently explode before falling into the. Despite this, the rocket successfully separated from the Super Heavy booster, a key in-flight milestone.

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SAIC and GomSpace sign Memorandum of Understanding

GomSpace collaboration. Credit GomSpace

Science Application International Corp (SAIC), an American technology company that provides government services and information technology support, and GomSpace, a manufacturer and operator of nanosatellites, announced on the 18th of April that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding. They will partner for CubeSat, MicroSat and SmallSats Systems and Solutions for the Americas market. 

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Leidos Partners With NASCAR for Lunar Rover Race


Leidos and its Dynetics team have announced their intention to compete in another moon race through a promotional partnership with NASCAR. The partnership will be a collaboration between the two organizations in the areas of speed, safety, and reliability. The parties unveiled the details regarding the collaboration and design, and technology of the Lunar Terrain Vehicle (LTV) during a special event at the Space Foundation's 38th annual Space Symposium, the premier assembly for the global space ecosystem.

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