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OHB and ESA Φ-lab to boost Earth Observation

The European Space Agency (ESA) and OHB will cooperate to boost commercial Earth Observation services, the agency said. Φ-lab, the Division in the Future Systems Department of the EO (Earth Observation) Programmes Directorate of ESA, and OHB Systems AG agreed to examine together "transformational technologies" to benefit the end-users of the commercial EO market, ESA said.

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Polaris signs Aurora spaceplane contract with German Bundeswehr

The German aerospace startup Polaris signed a four-month €250,000 contract with the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) to examine applications of its Aurora spaceplane for military observation missions, the company said. The contract allows for testing and validating the potentials of the reusable Aurora spaceplane in defense activities

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Astroscale works with Mitsubishi on space debris removal


Astroscale works with Mitsubishi on active debris removal and projects for improving space environmental protection, the Japanese company said. The collaboration with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will leverage Astroscale’s on-orbit servicing technologies and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ launch vehicle manufacturing and launch services capabilities.

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The Space Cafe Podcast #32: Jacques Arnould, a tricky question for the entire space industry

SpaceWatch.Global is pleased to present the 32nd episode in our podcast series The Space Cafe Podcast: Jacques Arnould, a tricky question for the entire space industry. Episode 032 features a special guest Jacques Arnould. Jacques Arnould is paid to ask uncomfortable questions. As an ethicist at the French space agency CNES

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#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: GNOSIS CONFERENCE – The Case for Sustainability in Space

Space is changing – the near-Earth environment that was once principally used for largely strategic purposes by national governments is now increasingly being used for “tactical” applications by commercial companies. This creates a number of areas of potential contention – between different satellite operators competing for access to preferred orbital slots

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#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: From ISS Control Room to a lunar fly-by: Matej Poliacek’s dearMoon journey

After months of silence, last Friday saw an update on the dearMoon selection. Yusaku Maezawa, the Japanese billionaire who purchased a SpaceX Starship flight around the Moon, currently scheduled for 2023, has shared an applicant sneak peek on his YouTube channel. According to the description, the video does not indicate who will be in the final crew.

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#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: Keen to sign up for space tourism? Here are 6 things to consider (besides the price tag)

SpaceWatch.Global has been granted permission to publish selected articles and texts. This is “Keen to sign up for space tourism? Here are 6 things to consider (besides the price tag)”, originally published 23 July 2021 at The Conversation by Steven Freeland.

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Rocket Lab sees Electron back on track after failure review

Rocket Lab found the root cause for the loss of its mission in May, the company said. It has concluded an extensive review into the cause of the anomaly that resulted in the loss of its “Running Out Of Toes” mission launched on 15 May 2021, Rocket Lab said. The review concluded that an issue occurred within the second stage engine igniter system. 

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#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: Cross-industry collaboration in the Space Sector

One of the reasons why space is rapidly attracting new investments is because of its potential to enable new applications for several non-space industries, health, communications, fintech, agriculture, oil & gas,  and even art, just to name some examples.

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