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Space Café Radio – The sins of Ariane – with Prof. Patrizia Caraveo

In this latest episode of Space Café Radio, our editor in chief Emma Gatti converses with guest Patrizia Caraveo, research director at the Italian Institute of Astrophysics (INAF) about Europe’s challenges within the space industry. The conversation revolves around the recent news of the EU commissioning the launch of part …

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Gamma-ray burst strikes Earth from distant exploding star

Artistic impression depicting the effect of a powerful blast of gamma rays that provoked a significant disturbance in our planet’s ionosphere. Credit ESA

ESA’s Integral space telescope detected an extremely bright and long-lasting gamma-ray burst (GRB) on the 9th of October. GRB are the outpouring of energy from exploding stars or from the collision of two super-dense neutron stars. The blast has been named GRB 221009A is probably one of the brightest GRB ever detected according to Mirko Piersanti, lead author of the team publishing the results on the 14th of November. The nearest rival is ten times weaker. This GRB took place in a galaxy almost 2 billion light-years away, yet it still had enough energy to affect the Earth. 

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GSOA releases space sustainability conduct code

ESA illustration of space debris. Credit ESA

The Global Satellite Operators Association (GSOA) released on the 13th of November its Code of Conduct on Space Sustainability. It is calling on operators to implement responsible practices that mitigate the risk of in-orbit collision, minimise the threat of non-trackable debris, protect humans in space, and limit effects on optical astronomy. 

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Space Tech Expo – Interview with Chester Crone, Moog Space and Defense Group

Chester Crone, Business Development Director at Moog Space and Defense Group , spoke to us at #SpaceTechEurope! Since the early days of spaceflight, Moog's technology has enabled exploration across the solar system. Chester shares insights into Moog's innovative solutions powering the next generation of space missions. Discover how this technology pioneer with over 70 years of expertise continues to develop the critical systems needed for the journey to the Moon, Mars, and beyond! From the Apollo program to Artemis, Moog is accelerating humanity's reach into the cosmos.

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Space Tech Expo Bremen – Welcome from the City of Space

It’s Bremen time! The space community is gathering for one of the events to discuss trends, technologies and the exciting space stuff you may dream about. Our Publisher Torsten Kriening is in Bremen for the Space Tech Expo Europe and will report for you from the event. 3 days, over 650 exhibitors and many cool space stuff to see. Stay tuned for more

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Space Cafe Radio – Next generation propulsion – with the Neutron Star Systems team

In this Space Café Radio - SpaceWatch.Global publisher Torsten Kriening spoke with Neutron Star Systems (NSS) CEO Manuel La Rosa Betancourt, CTO Dr. Michael Winter, and Investor Relationship Manager Robin Lebeau before the Space Tech Expo Europe in Bremen. 

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