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Rhea Space Activity Advances US Ability To Gather Intelligence In Cislunar Space

The rapidly growing new space startup Rhea Space Activity (RSA), headquartered in Washington DC and with operations in Colorado Springs, has been tapped by the United States Air Force (USAF) to develop a wholly new field of intelligence to surveil "cislunar" space - that is, the volume of space between the Earth and the Moon.

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#SpaceWatchGL Share: Apps In Space? It’s Possible With The NanoSat MO Framework

Modern software development for spacecraft is very conservative and limited to a small set of experts in the industry. This is due to various existing constraints on space hardware and to the typical criticality of space missions.But the landscape is changing, particularly where CubeSats are concerned. These small satellites have become very popular in recent years, causing space components to become smaller and cheaper, and therefore making them accessible to a wider number of organizations.

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