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Rocket Lab to design Blue and Gold spacecraft for Mars

Rocket Lab has been awarded by the University of California Berkeley to design two Photon spacecraft named Blue and Gold for a scientific ESCAPADE mission to Mars, the launch company said. ESCAPADE is a mission that will orbit two spacecraft around Mars to understand the structure, composition, variability, and dynamics of Mars' unique hybrid magnetosphere, Rocket Lab said.

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Interstellar Lab teams up with 3D-printing company Soliquid to build BioPod on Earth and in space

Interstellar Lab, the French-American company building controlled-environment habitat and crop cultivation modules, has established a partnership with the 3D printing company Soliquid. Founded in 2018 by Jim Rhoné, Impulse Group and Amaury Thomas, Soliquid is backed by Leonard, VINCI’s future of construction acceleration program,

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NATO spending to rise due to space, analysts say

NATO’s defense spendings are likely to increase driven by expansion into space, the data and analytics group GlobalData. The comment follows the news that NATO leaders have declared that “attacks in, to and from space against any member will now trigger the mutual defense agreement and obligate allied members to respond”, GlobalData said.

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