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Starlink taps German market while Europe mulls own LEO

While Europe mulls its own LEO, SpaceX taps the German market.The German federal telecommnunications agency Bundesnetzagentur authorized Starlink to use up- and downlink frequencies in Germany and offer satellite broadband internet, the agency said. “This is the first frequency allocation for a so-called satellite mega-constellation with a very high number of low earth orbit satellites”, the agency said.

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#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: 2020 – The Space Enterprise Is Moving Full Steam Ahead by Ken Hodgkins

SpaceWatch.Global asked its friends, staff and contributors to review 2020 and provide an outlook into 2021. These personal reviews are being published during the holiday season. This is the review of Ken Hodgkins, former Director of the U.S Department of State’s Office for Space and Advanced Technology.

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#SpaceWatchGL Share: What is the Point of Norway’s new Arctic Policy?

Norway’s new High North policy is a complex mix of initiatives and statements. The main rationale is still ensuring a developed northern region so that Norway can stand strong vis-à-vis the great powers in the north. In addition, the policy plays a role in domestic politics ahead of next year’s election.

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