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#SpaceWatchGL Summer Listening Series: Week One – Moon and Exploration

Summer is upon us, and as our gaze shifts towards the stars during those warm, clear nights, SpaceWatch.Global brings to you its new Summer Listening Series. Based on a vote by our esteemed team members, we have mapped out an interstellar journey across five captivating categories. This week, we're launching with the ever-fascinating realm of the "Moon and Exploration."

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@SpaceWatchGL Summer Reading: The Wonders of Micro-G Medicine 2

The moment the decommissioned ISS burns through re-entry and plunges into the Pacific Ocean will be heart-breaking. Granted, we will still have the Chinese Tiangong space station as a symbol of governmental and entrepreneurial prowess. But once the (American) private sector is solely in charge of orbital space stations other than Chinese ones, albeit with some friends and allies governments support as anchor customers, what will happen with global micro-G accessibility?

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CSMC Welcomes Dr. Andrew J. Feustel to its Team

Canadian Space Mining Corporation (CSMC) has announced NASA Astronaut & Geophysicist Andrew J. Feustel (Ph.D.) to its team. This strategic hiring marks a significant milestone for CSMC as it strengthens its position at the forefront of space exploration and infrastructure development. In addition to his position, Dr. Feustel has also joined the core team as the Executive Vice President of Strategy for the organization.

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Dr. Calvin Gets Selected for International Leadership Role

Dr. Kate Calvin, NASA’s chief scientist, and senior climate advisor, has become co-chair of a working group on climate change mitigation at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The IPCC is the United Nations body responsible for assessing the science related to climate change. Prior to the selection, Calvin contributed to five reports by the IPCC.

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Voyager Space and Airbus announce joint venture to build Starlab

Starlab image. Credit Starlab

Voyager Space and Airbus Defence and Space announced on the 2nd of August a new agreement to pave the way to develop, build, and operate Starlab, a commercial space station planned to succeed the International Space Station. The US-led joint venture will bring together world-class leaders in the space domain, while further uniting American and European interests in space exploration. 

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iRocket Collaborates with Air Force Research Laboratory

Innovative Rocket Technologies Inc. (iRocket) has signed a cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA) with The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) West. As a result, It will develop engines and stage technology for the laboratory's next-generation fully reusable Shockwave launch vehicle. Members from AFRL’s Rocket Propulsion Division at Edwards AFB, California, and iRocket, a privately-owned corporation, agreed on the collaborative effort in June 2023.

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The Space Café Podcast #86: Guillermo Soehnlein – From Titan Tragedy to Venus – The Audacious Journeys of Ocean Gate’s Original Co-founder

 The Space Café Podcast #86: Guillermo Soehnlein - From Titan Tragedy to Venus - The Audacious Journeys of Ocean Gate's Original Co-founder. In this riveting episode, Markus welcomes Guillermo Soehnlein, the audacious visionary who, beyond his original co-founding role at the tragically ill-fated Ocean Gate company responsible for the Titan submersible, now sets his eyes on Venus

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Redwire Wins NASA Award to Develop Moon Infrastructure


Redwire Corporation has won a $12.9 million NASA Tipping Point award to prototype a manufacturing technology intended to build critical infrastructure on the surface of the Moon, including landing pads, roads, and foundations for habitats. This technology could enable robust construction on the lunar surface to advance human and robotic operations, paving the way for a sustainable human presence and a dynamic lunar economy.

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Astro Digital and Astroscale form partnership for satellite sustainability

Astroscale announced a new partnership with Astro Digital, a global provider of complete space-based systems and mission support on the 31st of July. Astroscale’s Generation 2 Docking Plate will be incorporated into Astro Digital’s modular satellite bus for end-of-life serving preparation as part of this partnership in a move towards responsible satellite operations. 

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Space Cafè Radio – Secure World Foundation ep. 01 – Tim Maclay

In this Space Café Radio -  SpaceWatch.Global's Dr. Emma Gatti spoke with Tim Maclay, the chief strategy officer and US general manager at ClearSpace, an in-orbiting service and space debris company founded in 2018. Today's episode is in partnership with the Secure World Foundation, a nonprofit that focuses on the long-term sustainability of outer space and earth orbits, as well as space security and stability considerations.

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