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Switzerland’s Astrocast Launches 3 New ‘Pilots’ For Affordable IoT

Swiss satellite operator, Astrocast, has lofted three new pilot Nanosatellites that promote affordable Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity. The pilots are designed specifically for IoT applications and Astrocast’s two-way system allows companies to monitor and control their remote assets, including over-the-air upgrades at lower latency and cost than existing satellite communications networks.

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#SpaceWatchGL Interview: Dr. Christina Giannopapa, Head of Political Affairs Office At The European Space Agency

The European Space Agency’s (ESA) Political Affairs Office plays an integral and varied role in the organisation. Torsten Kriening was lucky enough to spend some time with Christina Giannopapa, Head of Political Affairs Office, Office Strategy Department, Director General’s Services, ESA, to find out more about her role and the intersection of political affairs and space.

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French Military Space: CSO-1 Reconnaissance Satellite Successfully Launched By Arianespace

An Arianespace medium-lift Soyuz launch vehicle transported the French CSO-1 reconnaissance satellite safely to orbit on 19 December 2018. This marked the third flight of Arianespace’s Soyuz and the launch was performed for France’s CNES (Centre national d'études spatiales) space agency and the DGA (Direction générale de l’armement) defence procurement agency, on behalf of the French Ministry of Defence.

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Italy’s E-GEOS Signs Deal With St. Lucia To Provide Geospatial Early Warning System

e-GEOS, the geospatial information company that is a joint venture of Telespazio and the Italian Space Agency, has signed a contract with the Government of St. Lucia in the Caribbean for the provision of COSMO-SkyMed satellite data as part of an Early Warning System to help manage emergencies resulting from severe weather.

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HyperScout Demonstrates That Satellite Imagery Can Be Processed In Space

HyperScout-1, the first miniaturized hyperspectral imager for space, successfully demonstrated that it is possible to process the images that are gathered by a satellite on board. By knowing the position of the satellite and in which direction it points, the instrument knows what it is looking at and can interpret the data, thus eliminating the need to download the data.

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British Military Space: Warfare In Space Domain Part Of UK Modernising Defence Programme Review

In an announcement made to the British Parliament on 18 December 2018, UK Secretary of State for Defence Gavin Williamson announced that a wide-ranging review of defence policy and capabilities that aims to prepare British armed forces for 21st Century warfare with peer powers is about to be concluded

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