GSTC 2023


Astroscale Limited Appoints Andrew Faiola as Commercial Director

Astroscale Limited, the UK and European subsidiary of Astroscale Holdings Inc., has announced Andrew Faiola as Commercial Director, effective immediately. Based in the UK, Faiola is responsible for leading Astroscale Limited's commercial sales, business development, and marketing activities as the company aims towards making in-orbit servicing, including debris removal, routine by 2030.

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Europe Launches European Space-Oriented Index

The European Space Agency (ESA), the European Commission, and Promus Ventures have joined efforts for a Space Index which Euronext will launch, develop, and maintain. This is the first Euronext European space-related index to measure the stock market performance of European companies in the space sector. Through the partnership, the European Commission, ESA, and Promus Ventures intend to provide their expert advice in their respective areas of activity to Euronext in relation to the index.

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Space Café WebTalk 33 minutes with Matthias Wachter – Departure or standstill – Why 2023 will be decisive for European space? Recap

Our Space Café WebTalk “33 minutes with Matthias Wachter - Departure or standstill – Why 2023 will be decisive for European space?” took place on Tuesday, 17th January. Matthias is Managing Director of the German NewSpace Initiative and Head of International Cooperation, Security Policy, Raw Materials and Space at the Federation of German Industries (BDI).

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Space Café Radio – with David Henri

In this Space Café Radio - SpaceWatch.Global publisher Torsten Kriening spoke with David Henri, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Exotrail, about In-Space Mobility, the current status of the market and the readiness of Exotrail. And of course, we talked about talent acquisition and opportunities to fly YOUR 6U CubeSat this fall on an Exotrail mission

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Galileo Galilei Commemorative Plaque Unveiled by ESA

The European Space Agency (ESA) has unveiled a commemorative plaque celebrating Galileo’s discovery of Jupiter’s moons on ESA’s Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer as part of the final preparations.  The plaque is a tribute to Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei who was the first to view Jupiter and its four largest moons through a telescope in January 1610.

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