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NASA JPL Spectrometer ready for Tanager 1 integration

Tanager rendering. Credit Planet

The imaging spectrometer, developed by NASA JPL for the Tanager program, was handed off to Planet, an American public Earth imaging company, for integration onto the Tanager 1 hyperspectral satellite on the 14th of September. The imaging spectrometer will detect, pinpoint and quantify point source emissions of methane and carbon dioxide. The mission marks a milestone for the Carbon Mapper Coalition, a public, private partnership announced in 2021. The Coalition aims to gain a deeper understanding of global methane and carbon dioxide emissions. 

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Kayhan Space Raises $7 million in Funding

Kayhan Space, a provider of high-performance software and solutions for space mission operations, have announced that it raised $7 million in an oversubscribed seed extension round to accelerate commercial delivery of the industry’s first autonomous space traffic coordination (STC) framework at the core of its all-new Pathfinder™ 3.0 spaceflight safety platform. Venture capital firms Space Capital and EVE Atlas have funded the extension round following in-depth reviews of the company's technology roadmap.  In addition, the company aims to leverage new funding to open an office in Washington, DC, and scale its U.S.-based team of 20 employees to more than 30, adding executives and specialists in key roles.

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Poland aims for the moon in next decade

Moon Photo by Mike Petrucci on Unsplash

Prof. Grzegorz Wrochna, President of the Polish Space Agency (POLSA) said Poland’s presence on the moon is a matter of ten years during the European Rover Challenge (ERC) to the Polish Press Agency (PAP). Wrochna said that work is underway to establish a Polish space mission. Several months ago the Polish Space Agency made a call for concepts for a National space mission. From the applications received the Moon featured heavily. 

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Euroconsult Host Prestigious Space Awards

Euroconsult logo. Credit Euroconsult

Euroconsult, a space consulting and market intelligence firm, organized an exclusive space sector awards ceremony celebrating outstanding achievements in Earth Observation, with four companies scooping the top awards. In addition, stand-out startup businesses also received recognition through the Finspace contest and the inaugural Space Business Catalyst award. The event marked the finale of World Satellite Business Week in Paris, a flagship conference.

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Space Systems Command Awards Contract to ABL

Space Systems Command’s Assured Access to Space (AATS) office have awarded a $15 million contract to ABL Space Systems to demonstrate responsive launch capability. The Small Launch and Targets Division at Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico, part of AATS, awarded the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Strategic Funding Initiative (StratFI) to develop a launch mission design that incorporates planning for numerous satellites to multiple orbits from a variety of locations and conduct a proof-of-concept responsive launch.

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GSOA New P2C Commitment to Boost Connectivity

GSOA announced a new pledge to the Partner2Connect Digital Initiative led by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the United Nations agency for digital technologies. The pledge came at the SDG Digital event during the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Action Weekend at United Nations Headquarters in New York City. On the eve of the SDG Summit, the company pledged its best efforts to contribute through its members to help double the number of people connected by satellite to at least 500 million globally by 2030.

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Space Café Austria by Sabine Pongruber – with Margit Mischkulnig, BMK

Margit Mischkulnig, Austria's foremost figure in space affairs, heads the Space Department at the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation, and Technology (BMK). She brings expertise in economics and industrial policy to the dynamic world of politics. In the fast-paced arena of politics, brevity is key, and Margit's approach, "get to the point," is well-suited for the Department for Space Affairs.

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SATLANTIS Announce Commercial Partnership with Dotphoton

SATLANTIS, a Space Technology for Earth Observation & Universe Exploration Company, have announced a commercial partnership with Dotphoton, an Earth Observation company known for its Very High-Resolution optical technology and solutions. Dotphoton also brings Jetraw to this collaboration, a state-of-the-art raw image compressor. Furthermore, Jetraw increases onboard data throughput by a factor of 4 and accelerates data transfer from space to ground. This will enable SATLANTIS satellites to collect and transmit raw images at high speed while maintaining the metrological accuracy needed for advanced AI/ML applications.

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GMV Tests Robot for Maintenance of Structures in Earth’s Orbit

GMV, a multinational technology company, have successfully concluded ground validation tests for a space robot designed to assemble structures in Earth’s orbit as part of the European Space Agency’s (ESA) MIRROR project (Multi-arm Installation Robot for Readying ORUS and Reflectors). Furthermore, the MIRROR robot can assemble large structures in orbit using smaller modules that fit in the launch systems available today, paving the way for new applications such as orbital solar power stations, large-scale telescopes, antennas, and more.

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Euroconsult Partners with MTCIT for Middle East Conference

Euroconsult, a global space and satellite strategy consulting and market intelligence firm in collaboration with The Ministry of Transport, Communications, and Information Technology of Oman (MTCIT), have announced that it will hold a conference to promote space in the Middle East and the country’s role as a strategic gateway for attracting investments in space applications and technologies into the region. The conference will run from January 8th-10th next year. 

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