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ESA calls for Europe to join forces and foster its space sector

Europe cannot afford to stay out of human spaceflight if it wants to rank as a global political and economic power, the head of the European Space Agency (ESA) said. “It’s not possible that a political and economic power like Europe cannot fly its own astronauts to space,” Josef Aschbacher, Director General of ESA, said at the Paris Air Forum at Le Bourget yesterday.

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Register Today For Our Space Café Germany by Andreas Schepers On 8 July 2021

Isar Aerospace: the Bavarian SpaceX? In this edition of Space Café Germany, we talk to Daniel Metzler, one of the founders and managing directors of Isar Aerospace. Isar Aerospace is considered the German NewSpace startup of the moment. The young company from Munich is building the two-stage Spectrum, a launch vehicle capable of carrying up to one ton of payload into low-Earth orbit.

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WEF and ESA launch new space sustainability rating

The World Economic Forum (WEF) and the European Space Agency (ESA) launched a new Space Sustainable Rating (SSR). The Swiss EPFL Space Center (eSpace) has been chosen to lead and operationalize the SSR, WEF said, it will begin issuing sustainability certifications to mission operators in early 2022.

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Mynaric opens new facility for laser equipment near Munich

Paris, 21 June 2021. – The laser communication startup Mynaric has opened a new facility for the serial production of laser communication equipment for the aerospace sector, the company said. The new production facility is located in the immediate vicinity of Mynaric’s headquarters at the special research airport Oberpfaffenhofen near Munich, Germany.

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Rocket Lab to design Blue and Gold spacecraft for Mars

Rocket Lab has been awarded by the University of California Berkeley to design two Photon spacecraft named Blue and Gold for a scientific ESCAPADE mission to Mars, the launch company said. ESCAPADE is a mission that will orbit two spacecraft around Mars to understand the structure, composition, variability, and dynamics of Mars' unique hybrid magnetosphere, Rocket Lab said.

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