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Register Today For Our Space Café Canada by Dr. Jessica West On 30 September 2022

This episode of Space Café Canada will feature Dr. Ram Jakhu and David Kuan-Wei Chen of McGill’s Centre for Air and Space Law, which spearheaded the newly released McGill Manual, the world’s first to clarify international law applicable to military uses of outer space, in conversation with Dr. Jessica West, Senior Researcher at Project Ploughshares and a friend of SpaceWatch.Global.

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Space Café Radio – on tour in Bonn- with Craig Donlon

In this Space Café Radio – SpaceWatch.Global Event coordinator and Space Café Young Global Talents Host Chiara Moenter spoke with Craig Donlon, principal scientist for oceans and ice at the European Space Agency (ESA), at the Living Planet Symposium in Bonn. This symposium is the world’s largest Earth Observation conference.

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Lithuania launches Startupcation program focusing on non-EU startups

Lithuania has launched Startupcation, a one-week visit program inviting non-EU startups to be part of the booming startup ecosystem of the country’s capital and startup hub, Vilnius, national startup ecosystem facilitator Startup Lithuania said.  Through the program, startups benefit from access to the country’s relevant business networks and hubs.

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NASA identifies possible lunar landing regions for Artemis III

NASA has identified 13 candidate landing regions, each containing multiple potential landing sites for the upcoming 6.5-day Artemis III mission, within six degrees of latitude of the lunar South Pole, the Agency said. Artemis III will be the first mission to land astronauts on the lunar surface, including the first woman to visit the Moon.

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Momentus signs hosted payload service agreement with LuxSpace

U.S.-based commercial space company planning to offer in-space infrastructure services, Momentus, signed a service agreement with Luxembourg-based small satellites and space-based applications and services provider, LuxSpace, Momentus said. Hosted payloads are a foundational in-space infrastructure service enabling

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#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: What is Space Arbitration?

Until recently, only a few States were able to access outer space. Since then, however, driven by technological advances, in particular by reusable orbital-class rockets and the resulting reduction in launching costs, more and more private companies have been able to enter the ‘space race’, and we can witness today the emergence of a significant commercial space economy.

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