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Saudi Space Commission Casts Wide Net For Space Cooperation

The Saudi Space Commission (SSC) is casting a wide net in its aim to create space cooperation arrangements with friendly countries around the world, with agreements or discussions underway with countries such as Greece, Kuwait, Brazil, Australia, and France.

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Capella Space And Rocket Lab To Launch Mid-Inclination Satellite To Enable Improved Monitoring of Key Global Regions

Space technology company Rocket Lab has signed a deal to launch a dedicated mission for Capella Space, an aerospace and information services company providing Earth observation data on demand. Together, Capella Space and Rocket Lab will launch the first ever synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite that delivers commercial data into a mid-inclination orbit to optimize hotspot monitoring of key regions in the world.

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UK’s Proposed Sovereign GNSS System On Hold Due To Debate On Requirements

The proposed sovereign Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) announced by the British government after the decision to leave the European Union (EU), and the subsequent lockout of the British space industry from the EU's Galileo GNSS programme, is reportedly on hold due to intensive debates between British polticians and officials over the UK's GNSS requirements and what a sovereign system should look like.

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