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#SWMEThemes: Space Resources and NewSpace: Interview with Ramaspace

The fourth part of our #SWMEThemes on the Middle East and Space Resources is an interview with Andrey Maximov and Raghu Das of Ramaspace, and explores their view on space resources, asteroid mining, and the impact of the new Luxembourg space resources law. SWME: Can we begin by talking about the …

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#SWMEThemes: Space Resources and International Space Law: A Skeptical View

The third part of our #SWMEThemes on the Middle East and Space Resources is an interview with space law attorney Michael J. Listner of Space Law and Policy Solutions, and author and publisher of space law and policy briefing-letter The Précis. Michael – a friend of SpaceWatch Middle East –provides readers with …

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#SWMEThemes: Space Mining: The Next Strategic Investment for Gulf Countries?

The second contribution to the #SWMEThemes week on the Middle East and Space Resources is by Ben Baseley-Walker, the Senior Director for Global Engagement for Europe, Middle East, and Africa at Planetary Resources. Ben argues that Gulf Arab countries have an opportunity to lead in the coming race to exploit space …

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#SWMEThemes: The Middle East and the New Space Resource Economy

In the first of our week-long #SWMEThemes on the Middle East and Space Resources, Dr. Tom James of Navitas Resources LLP argues that with its heritage in extracting oil and gas from harsh environments and recent investments in space programmes, many Middle Eastern countries are well-placed to take advantage of the …

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Introducing #SWMEThemes: First Off, Space Resources and the Middle East

Here at SpaceWatch Middle East we are always looking to enhance the experience and education of our readers, as well as to engage the regional and international space community in relevant debates on issues of importance. In order to bring such lofty goals into reality, this coming week SpaceWatch Middle …

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