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#SpaceWatchME Op’ed: GEO-LEO Hybrid Multigrid Network by Muhammad Furqan

Satellites on different orbits, connected in multigrid networks.  Muhammad Furqan, writer and analyst in the satellite communication industry shares his opinion on this fascinating subject. An Independent Extraterrestrial Network A couple of years ago I proposed ‘Ring Computing’, a ring of 264,986 km circumference created by a constellation of interconnected …

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#SpaceWatchME Op’ed: Asteroid Mining: Prospecting our Future?

It truly sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but using spacecraft to prospect and mine asteroids in near space is fast becoming science fact. We are well on the way to exhausting planet Earth’s resources. SpaceWatch Middle East contributing editor Helen Jameson, gives her take on Asteroid Mining; Prospecting …

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#SpaceWatchME Forecast: Disrupt Space Summit 2017

The Disrupt Space Summit will bring together 50 of the most promising space startups from around the world to Berlin on March 14-15 2017 and connect them with decision makers and investors to collaboratively solve today’s problems using space. The summit focuses on innovation, entrepreneurship and the strengthening of a …

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The #SpaceWatchME Interviews: Global Space Governance – Part 2

A Space Lawyer’s Perspective In the latest SpaceWatch Middle East interview series, Torsten Kriening speaks to Dr. Olga Stelmakh of McGill University, Canada. They discuss the area of global space governance. This is one that not often discussed, yet it is critical and as space becomes an increasingly important part …

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#SpaceWatchME Op’ed: Satellite Sovereignty – Africa

In the past, we have looked to nations such as Russia and the United States for our inspiration in space. For decades, these countries have dominated the space sector. However, new national players are emerging, proving that space is no longer the domain of the richest and most powerful nations. …

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