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The #SpaceWatchME IBC 2016 Interviews: Bruno Dupas of Kratos

SpaceWatch Middle East conducted a series of interviews during the International Broadcast Convention 2016 in Amsterdam earlier this month. The first of these interviews is with Bruno Dupas, President of Kratos Integral Systems Europe. Tell us why the Middle East market is so important to Kratos? The Middle East is …

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Satellite spectrum issues for the Middle East: an interview with Hans-Juergen Tscheulin

Space and satellites are often treated as an intrinsically exciting and glamorous field of activity. Yet the issue of spectrum requirements, regulatory filings, and spectrum management are all too often considered to be unglamorous, and as a result are unfairly and dangerously ignored. The reality is that without a competent …

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Current issues in Space Situational Awareness and Space Traffic Management

The geostationary Earth orbit (GEO) satellite belt is a unique location above the earth affording a continuous line-of-sight to satellite uplink and downlink stations. The volume defined by this belt is large, but available slots are limited. During the last fifty years of the space age, this volume has become …

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Interview: The European Union’s Copernicus Programme and the Middle East

The European Union’s Copernicus programme is a boon for analysts and researchers around the world since it provides all of the imagery taken by its Sentinel earth observation satellites for free. SpaceWatch Middle East interviewed Andreas Veispak, the acting Head of Unit for Space Data for Societal Challenges and Growth at the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium, …

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