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Cyber Policy

Inmarsat Offers Risk Assessment for Maritime Cyber Security Working Group

Inmarsat is giving its full backing to a new Joint Working Group (JWG) formed by the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) to develop a coordinated position on cybercrime and its prevention.  One of the maritime industry’s leading commercial satellite service providers said that stakeholder unity was critical in meeting …

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Turkey Establishing a ‘Cyber Army’ To Counter National Cyber Threats

The Turkish government is in preparations to establish a national cyber ‘army’ that will tackle national cyber threats against the country, according to the Turkish Minister for Transportation, Maritime Affairs, and Communications Ahmet Arslan. The announcement was made in the aftermath of the global WannaCry ransomware attack that affected over …

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Iranian Hacker Group OilRig Thought to Be Using Russian Hackers-for-Hire in U.S. Cyber Attack

TrapX, a U.S.-based cyber security and research company, are claiming that the OilRig hacker group that is linked to Iran’s intelligence agencies have potentially established links with Russian hackers-for-hire, according to a May 15, 2017, report in The New York Times. The possible Russian connection to OilRig was discovered in …

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Analyst: Iran’s Cyber Warfare Capabilities Of Concern, But Hardly Sophisticated or Dangerous

A prominent U.S. cyber warfare expert has admonished other cyber security experts for exaggerating the danger posed by Iran’s cyber warfare and espionage organisations and entities. Dr. Brandon Valeriano, a Reader at Cardiff University in Wales and author of Cyber War versus Cyber Realities published by Oxford University Press in …

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Israel Defence Forces Will Not Create a Cyber Command, But Will Strengthen Military Cyber Defences

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) has decided not to create a unified cyber command that would have placed its signals intelligence collection, offensive cyber operations, and cyber defence units under one central military organisation that would have been the equivalent of Israel’s land, sea, and air forces. Instead, the IDF …

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Italy’s Leonardo and UAE’s International Golden Group Partner for Cyber Security in The Middle East

Leonardo and the International Golden Group (IGG) have signed a strategic collaboration agreement in the United Arab Emirates to meet new cyber security requirements. Leonardo and IGG will collaborate in the design and implementation of Security Operations Centres (SOCs) for the protection of infrastructure and organisations. The agreement was signed at …

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