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Viktoria Urban

Arabsat and SpaceX sign contract to launch Arabsat 7A

The Arab Satellite Communications Organization, Arabsat, signed a contract with SpaceX to launch its 7A satellite, Arabist said. Arabsat 7A is the first of the company’s 7th generation satellites, featuring the latest technologies with regards to manufacturing, payload, performance, and flexibility.

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Ororatech accelerates deployment of its thermal satellite constellation

NewSpace intelligence startup OroraTech, has completed a significant review in its European Space Agency (ESA) InCubed program, paving the way for the delivery of the CubeSat FOREST-3, the company said. FOREST-3 will be the first satellite of a multipurpose nanosatellite constellation with an expected revisit time of 30 minutes by 2026.

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Privateer launches accessible space debris collision prevention platform

Data and intelligence platform Privateer Space, is launching Crow’s Nest, a free and open collision risk assessment tool that seamlessly integrates into the Wayfinder application. The free, real-time satellite data fusion and debris visualization platform provides global transparency on space traffic.

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