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Torsten Kriening

Space Café WebTalk Recap: How Danica Remy learned to stop worrying and love asteroids

During this week’s Space Café, SpaceWatch.Global publisher, Torsten Kriening caught up with California-based Danica Remy to discuss all things asteroids. With a career in social justice movements and “fabulous innovation”, Danica serves as President of the B612 Foundation, which leads private sector efforts in research, analysis and systems design to protect Earth from asteroids.

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Space Café Canada by Dr. Jessica West Recap: Is the Future of Space Exploration Robotic?

During the second Space Café Canada event, host Jessica West of Project Ploughshares sat down with Tim Kopra, Vice-President of Robotics and Space Operations at MDA, to talk about the role of robotics in Canada’s space program and in the future of space exploration.

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Register Today For Our Space Café Germany by Andreas Schepers On 8 July 2021

Isar Aerospace: the Bavarian SpaceX? In this edition of Space Café Germany, we talk to Daniel Metzler, one of the founders and managing directors of Isar Aerospace. Isar Aerospace is considered the German NewSpace startup of the moment. The young company from Munich is building the two-stage Spectrum, a launch vehicle capable of carrying up to one ton of payload into low-Earth orbit.

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#SpaceWatchGL Column: Dongfang Hour China Aerospace News Roundup 14 June – 20 June 2021

As part of the partnership between SpaceWatch.Global and Orbital Gateway Consulting we have been granted permission to publish selected articles and texts. We are pleased to present “Dongfang Hour China Aerospace News Roundup 14 June – 20 June”. Hello and welcome to another episode of the Dongfang Hour China Aero/Space News Roundup! A special shout-out to our friends at SpaceWatch.Global

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Interstellar Lab teams up with 3D-printing company Soliquid to build BioPod on Earth and in space

Interstellar Lab, the French-American company building controlled-environment habitat and crop cultivation modules, has established a partnership with the 3D printing company Soliquid. Founded in 2018 by Jim Rhoné, Impulse Group and Amaury Thomas, Soliquid is backed by Leonard, VINCI’s future of construction acceleration program,

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Space Café WebTalk with Prof Kazuto Suzuki Recap: Japan in space – their past, present and our future

During this week’s Space Café, SpaceWatch.Global publisher Torsten Kriening sat down with Professor of Science and Technology Policy at the Graduate School of Public Policy at the University of Tokyo, Japan, Kazuto Suzuki. Having received his PhD at the University of Sussex,

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