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Markus Payer

NASA’s rover extracts oxygen from Mars atmosphere

Paris, 22 April 2021. – Another breakthrough: NASA’s Mars rover Perseverance was able to extract oxygen from the Red Planet’s thin, carbon dioxide-rich atmosphere, the U.S. space agency said. “While the technology demonstration is just getting started, it could pave the way for science fiction to become science fact – isolating and storing oxygen on Mars”, NASA said.

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Virgin Orbit to launch six LEOs for HyperSat-Qinetiq

Paris, 22 April 2021. – Virgin Orbit will launch a series of six hyperspectral LEO satellites for the defense and security company QinetiQ and the geospatial analytics company HyperSat, Virgin Orbit said. Virgin Orbit will provide launch services for each satellite via its LauncherOne system. The first satellite will launch no earlier than 2023.

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Moon missions generate $42bn over next decade, NSR says

Paris, 22 April 2021. – Moon missions will generate more than $42 billion of revenue for the international space sector, NSR newest Moon Markets Analysis report found. The report forecasts 140 Moon Missions launching over the next decade to generate $42.3 billion, NSR said. Major growth areas include orbital and surface infrastructure building.

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Experts wary of space debris while SpaceX denies “close call” with OneWeb

Paris, 21 April 2021. – European space experts call for a better control of space debris and regulation of space traffic, the Financial Times (FT) reports. The launch of thousands of new satellites in ‘mega-constellations’ to improve global internet access will exacerbate the growing problem of space debris, the FT quoted experts from a conference of the European Space Agency (ESA) yesterday.

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Spire Global works with Findus to track space debris

Paris, 21 April 2021. – The Austrian new space investor Findus Venture works with the startup Spire Global to “tackle the growing problem of space debris”, the companies announced. They signed a second partnership agreement to launch the ADLER-2 satellite that aims to “further enhance orbital debris monitoring in low earth orbit, and expand novel atmospheric sensing capabilities".

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