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Joshua Faleti

UK Space Agency to Fund 18 Space Sector Projects

The UK Space Agency is set to fund 18 projects that intend to boost the space sector across the UK. The funding sum of £6.5 million includes support for high-impact, locally-led schemes and space cluster development managers to help the space sector grow across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

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OroraTech Launches On-Orbit Fire Detection Technology


OroraTech has announced its new on-orbit fire processing technology that can detect and send fire notification alarms to customers via the multi-satellite link within three minutes once the satellite has passed the affected area. As a result, the technology will cut fire detection from one and a half hours, leading to a fast detection time. 

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University of Nairobi wins UNOOSA and Avio Launch Opportunity

The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) and Avio have selected a consortium of the University of Nairobi (UoN), the University of Arizona (UA), and Space Trust as the first awardee of the ‘Accessing space with Vega C’ program. As a result, the team will launch a CubeSat, the NaSPUoN-0GPM2030, at no cost on board the Vega C rocket.

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ISRO Successfully Launch SSLV-D2 Mission

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has successfully launched the second developmental flight of the Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV-D2) today, February 10, 2023, at 09:18 hours IST from the first launch pad at SDSC SHAR, Sriharikota. The SSLV-D2 mission aims to inject EOS-07, Janus-1, and AzaadiSAT-2 satellites into a 450 km circular orbit in its 15-minute flight.

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Airbus Integrates Multiple ESMs for Orion Program

Three European Service Modules (ESMs) are currently undergoing integration in parallel in Airbus’ Bremen cleanrooms. Consequently, the integration of ESM-3 is almost complete, and ESM-4 is well underway. As a result, the newly arrived ESM-5 structure is undergoing initial integration. Each ESM requires the integration of more than 22,000 elements.

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Cheops Discovers Unexpected Ring Around Quaoar

The European Space Agency (ESA)'s CHaracterizing ExOPlanet Satellite (Cheops) mission has observed a dwarf planet in our Solar System, contributing to the discovery of a dense ring of material around it. The mission discovered that the Dwarf Planet Quaoar had a ring of almost seven and a half times the radius of the Dwarf Planet. This consequently opens up a mystery for astronomers; why has this material not coalesced into a small moon?

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