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NSS Receives ESA Contract for Electric Propulsion Technology

Neutron Star Systems

Neutron Star Systems (NSS) has announced the signature of its second contract with the European Space Agency to deliver "Very High Thrust Density for Space Transportation". Under the agreement, NSS and its partners will design and manufacture a high-power electric propulsion (HPEP) prototype which will lay the groundwork for deploying electric propulsion (EP) technologies on future missions and ensuring European independence and capabilities for future operations.

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DARPA Selects 14 Companies for LunA-10 Capability Study


The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has selected 14 companies for the 10-Year Lunar Architecture (LunA-10) Capability Study, which aims to catalyze the setup of a future civil lunar framework for peaceful U.S. and international use. LunA-10 seeks to study the rapid development of technology concepts for a series of shareable, scalable systems that can operate jointly, creating monetizable services for future lunar users.

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UAE Organizes First Space Agencies’ Leaders Summit during COP28


In orchestrating the debut of the Space Pavilion's presence at COP28, the UAE Space Agency has organized a Space Agencies Leaders’ Summit, witnessing participation from more than 20 international space agencies. The summit brought key actors from global climate policy and space exploration sectors together and consequently sought to address climate programs and initiatives that will expedite the pathway to 1.5C.

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Airbus Begins Galileo Second Generation Satellite Production

Full production has begun on the six Galileo Second Generation (G2) satellites at Airbus’ site in Friedrichshafen, Germany, with the arrival of the first satellite Flight Model structure from Beyond Gravity in Zurich. After initial preparation, the panels will travel to other Airbus sites before final integration and testing at Friedrichshafen. Furthermore, the Galileo G2 satellites are scheduled for launch in the coming years to support the initial deployment and validation of the G2 System.

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Neumann Space Completes Initial Propulsion Tests

Neumann Space has announced the successful completion of the first series of on-orbit tests of its propulsion system, the Neumann Drive®. Neumann Space has consequently become one of the first commercial entities to fire a thruster in space that utilizes Molybdenum as a solid metallic propellant, and the Company considers it a world-first use of a safe, storable, abundant propellant for electric propulsion.

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DARC Trilateral Initiative Signed by the US, UK, and Australia


The United States, United Kingdom, and Australia have announced the Deep Space Advanced Radar Capability (DARC) trilateral initiative to provide 24/7, all-weather capabilities. The capabilities will subsequently increase the ability to detect, track, identify and characterize objects in deep space. The memorandum of understanding between the three countries will last 22 years.

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Angola Becomes Third African Signatory to Artemis Accords

Angola Artemis

Angola has become the 33rd country and third African country, after Nigeria and Rwanda, to sign the Artemis Accords and join the Artemis program. President João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço of Angola officially signed the Artemis Accord on behalf of his nation, solidifying Angola’s commitment to deep space exploration and international collaboration. 

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LiveEO Announces Successful Funding Raise


LiveEO has announced the successful first closing of its next financing round, securing $10 million to enable its headstart in the deforestation compliance market. This achievement reflects the confidence of the Company's existing investors, despite challenging market conditions, and the commitment of its new partner, the greentech VC Greencode Ventures, to its shared vision of a sustainable future.

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South Korea Launches First Military Spy Satellite

SpaceX has successfully launched its first military spy satellite to better monitor North Korea. The launch happened at California’s Vandenberg Space Force Base using SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket. Furthermore, it is the first of five spy satellites South Korea contracted with SpaceX to launch into space by 2025. The satellite is an electrooptical and infrared device, while the four remaining satellites will feature synthetic aperture radar, which can "see" through cloud cover and at night.

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Kenya-based Amini Raises Seed Funding for Climate Tech


Amini, a Kenya-based climate-tech startup aiming to bridge the environmental data gap in Africa, has raised $4 million in seed funding. Salesforce Ventures and the Female Founders Fund led the funding round, with further participation from VC Satgana, Pale Blue Dot and Superorganism, who had previously backed the startup in its $2 million pre-seed round earlier this year.

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