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Joshua Faleti

Euroconsult Report Forecasts Increasing In-Flight Connectivity Demand

A Euroconsult report focusing on In-Flight Connectivity (IFC) for air travel has highlighted a second consecutive year of strong growth. This is because over 36,000 commercial and business aviation aircraft now feature onboard internet access. The new study marks the 11th edition of an annual report entitled ‘Prospects for In-Flight Entertainment & Connectivity’ and predicts this number to grow steadily over the coming years, to almost double by 2032, as part of an overall market that could see service revenues reach as high as $3.4bn.

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FCC Takes First Space Debris Enforcement Action


The Federal Communication Commission (FCC)’s Enforcement Bureau has announced a settlement of its investigation into DISH for failure to properly deorbit its EchoStar-7 satellite. This marks a first in space debris enforcement by the Commission. The settlement includes an admission of liability from the company and an agreement to adhere to a compliance plan and pay a penalty of $150,000.

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UKSA Launches Funding Call for Space Technologies

The UK Space Agency has announced up to £65 million of funding for ground-breaking innovations that aim to boost UK leadership in space technologies and applications. The National Space Innovation Program (NSIP) will support high-risk, high-reward projects designed by British organizations with the potential to accelerate the development of new space technologies, satellite applications, and services.

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ESA IEC Announces Conclusion on Vega-C Zefiro40 Test

The Independent Enquiry Commission, set up by ESA Director General Josef Aschbacher, has concluded its findings on the test anomaly during the static firing test of the modified Zefiro40 engine. The Director General set up the Enquiry Commission to understand the cause of the test anomaly and propose recommendations. The ESA Inspector General, Giovanni Colangelo, chaired the Commission, which also comprised experts from CNES, ASI, ESA, Arianespace and academia.

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NASA Selects SpaceX for TRACERS Mission

Falcon 9 carrying the Transporter-8 mission lifting off from Cape Canaveral. Credit SpaceX

NASA has selected SpaceX and its Falcon 9 rocket to provide the launch service for the agency’s TRACERS (Tandem Reconnection and Cusp Electrodynamics Reconnaissance Satellites) mission. The mission comprises a pair of small satellites that will study space weather and how the Sun’s energy affects Earth’s magnetic environment or magnetosphere.

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Lunar exploration boost space exploration funding

Euroconsult has published the fourth edition of its 'Prospects for Space Exploration' market intelligence report. The market report positions lunar exploration as the catalyst behind an unprecedented surge in the space exploration sector. This consequently led to a global Government investment rise to an impressive $26 billion during 2023.  Ambitious lunar missions will potentially also boost investment to nearly $33 billion by 2032, a growth trajectory which underscores lunar exploration's pivotal role in shaping the future of space exploration. 

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Paratus Sign Re-seller Agreement with Starlink for Africa

Paratus Group have announced that it has entered an agreement as a distributor for Starlink’s high-speed services across the African continent. This agreement will allow Paratus to provide Starlink to its customers across Africa, as Starlink received operating licenses in those countries. Initially, and with immediate effect, Starlink will be available from Paratus in Mozambique, Kenya, Rwanda & Nigeria before its services are available to more countries.

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Eutelsat and Oneweb Combination Heralds New Era

Eutelsat Communications SA, one of the world's satellite operators, have announced the completion of its all-share combination with OneWeb, the global low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite communications network, following the approval at the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting of Eutelsat shareholders. Furthermore, this combination forms the Eutelsat Group, with its headquarters located in Paris. In addition, OneWeb will be a subsidiary operating commercially as Eutelsat OneWeb, with its center of operations remaining in London.

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