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Helen Jameson

NSR Predicts Significant Growth of In-Orbit Servicing Market Over Next Decade

NSR’s In-Orbit Servicing Markets, 2nd Edition (IoSM2) report forecasts $4.5 billion in cumulative revenues from In-Orbit Satellite Services by 2028. While growth is anticipated across all applications in all orbits, GEO satellite life extension will yield the largest share of revenues.

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The #SpaceWatchME IBC 2016 Interviews: Mark Rigolle of LeoSat – A Paradigm Shift in the Satellite Market

SpaceWatch Middle East conducted a series of interviews during the International Broadcast Convention 2016 in Amsterdam in September. This interview is with Mark Rigolle, CEO of LeoSat. Emerging LEO satellite operator, LeoSat is creating a buzz that is being widely felt across the satellite industry. The constellation’s development is well underway …

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