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Planet Hyperspectral Satellite Tanager-1 is Ready for Launch

Tanager-1 on the horizontal shaker. Credit: Planet
Tanager-1 on the horizontal shaker. Credit: Planet

Ibadan, 10 June 2024. – Planet has announced that its first hyperspectral satellite, Tanager-1 is ready for launch. The spacecraft arrived at Vandenberg Space Force Base on June 3rd in preparation for liftoff as early as July on board the Transporter-11 Rideshare mission with SpaceX. Tanager-1 will subsequently be the first of a next-generation hyperspectral fleet which will expand Planet’s imaging capabilities in the spectral domain to complement the existing imaging capabilities in the temporal and spatial domains offered by the PlanetScope, SkySat, and Pelican missions.

Following on-orbit commissioning, Tanager-1 aims to provide hyperspectral data both in support of the continued partnership with nonprofit organization Carbon Mapper and Planet’s broader commercial mission. Tanager-1 was a beneficiary of the Carbon Mapper satellite program, which allowed Planet to combine its aerospace and smallsat bus technology with the imaging spectrometer design from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. This collaboration consequently plans to provide scientific-grade data to enable action on sustainability use cases such as greenhouse gas point-source emissions.

In recent months, the integrated Tanager-1 spacecraft completed a rigorous series of on-the-ground tests to ensure that the integrated satellite can withstand the harsh environments it will endure at launch and in orbit. Pelican-1, a technology demonstration that launched late last year, shares the same smallsat bus platform with Tanager-1. Together, the successful on-the-ground and in-orbit tests have proven Planet’s agile aerospace approach as applied to the larger and more complicated spacecraft that utilize this next-generation smallsat bus.

Speaking on the coming launch, Will Marshall, Co-Founder and CEO of Planet said, “I’m happy that Tanager has arrived at the launch site. This will provide hyperspectral data that will enable myriad applications from sustainability to security, and complement the data from existing Planet satellite fleets.”

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