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The Space Café Podcast #108: ESA’s Ian Carnelli – Deflecting Asteroids through Humble Leadership

In this episode of the Space Cafe Podcast, Markus dives into the fascinating world of planetary defense with Ian Carnelli from the European Space Agency (ESA). They discuss the monumental joint mission between ESA and NASA aimed at protecting Earth from potential asteroid impacts, reflecting on the long journey, challenges, and successes of the project.

Host: Markus
Guest: Ian Carnelli, HERA Mission Director, ESA

Guest Background

Ian Carnelli is the Mission Director at ESA, deeply involved in the HERA mission, part of the planetary defense initiative. His journey into space missions began nearly two decades ago, leading to his crucial role in this groundbreaking project.

The Origin of the Mission

  • Ian’s Entry into ESA: Ian shares his serendipitous entry into ESA, starting with a last-minute application inspired by a conversation at a barbecue.
  • Early Challenges: The mission’s conception faced numerous hurdles, including skepticism and funding issues.

The DART and HERA Missions

  • NASA’s DART Mission: The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) successfully impacted the asteroid Didymos, proving deflection techniques.
  • ESA’s HERA Mission: Set to launch to analyze the aftermath of DART’s impact, HERA aims to gather detailed data on the asteroid’s altered state.

Overcoming Setbacks

  • Funding Struggles: Ian recounts the emotional rollercoaster of securing funding for the mission, including a major setback in 2016 and eventual success in 2020.
  • Team Dynamics: Building and maintaining a motivated and cohesive team despite numerous challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic and supply chain disruptions.

Technical and Logistical Challenges

  • Manufacturing Issues: The mission faced several technical hurdles, from faulty components to manufacturing delays.
  • Innovative Solutions: The team’s ability to adapt and find creative solutions to unexpected problems was crucial for the mission’s progress.

Personal Insights

  • Leadership Philosophy: Ian emphasizes transparency, teamwork, and leveraging individual strengths within his team.
  • The Human Element: Despite technological advancements, the mission’s success heavily relied on the dedication and hard work of the team members.

Notable Quotes

  • Ian Carnelli: “I always told my teams or the people I work with, how little I knew. But I had this vision and I wanted their help.”

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