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The Exploration Company Appoints Kirasich as VP US Operations

Credit: The Exploration Company

Ibadan, 16 May 2024. – The Exploration Company has appointed Mark Kirasich as its VP of US Operations to further strengthen its position in the industry, especially for the NASA certification of its vehicle, and its growth towards lunar missions and human space flight.

Mark Kirasich will consequently oversee all aspects of the company’s operations in the United States. Furthermore, his extensive background in human spaceflight, flight operations and lunar vehicles will be instrumental in driving the company’s growth in the USA.

Before joining The Exploration Company, Mark Kirasich held key leadership positions at NASA, and recently Blue Origin, where he demonstrated a proven track record of success in developing highly complex human-rated vehicles. His experience and his leadership will contribute to The Exploration Company’s development in the USA and the performance and safety of its vehicles.

Mark Kirasich has been NASA Deputy Associate Administrator for Artemis Campaign Development and Orion Program Manager. He received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering in 1982 from the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, and a master’s degree in electrical engineering in 1983 from Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. He is also the recipient of numerous awards including NASA’s Outstanding Leadership Medal and Space Flight Awareness Award, and a Johnson Space Center Director’s Commendation.

Speaking on Kirasich’s appointment, Helene Huby, CEO of The Exploration Company, said, “I have been working with Mark for several years on the Orion program, and he is one of the best managers I have ever met. His technical knowledge, care for his team members and passion for the vehicles he develops create a unique leadership power. He is the ideal candidate to lead our US operations, foster the certification of Nyx, and accelerate the development of our lunar and human spaceflight vehicles.”

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