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Spain Launches Space Technology Program Call With EUR 70m in Subsidies

Credit: CDTI

Ibadan, 21 May 2024. – The Centro para el Desarrollo tecnológico Industrial (CDTI) Innovation has launched the 2024 call for the Space Technology Program (PTE) focused on promoting the Spanish aerospace industry’s competitiveness as a key actor in the space sector through the development of technological capabilities based on research and development. The call falls under the scope of Strategic Projects for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTE) Aerospace.

The program includes EUR 70 million in subsidies from the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism of the PRTR Addendum. As a result, applications are open until June 19, 2024, and projects may receive up to 100% advance payment of the aid once the CDTI approves the concession.

The financing program will focus on projects in the new space-satellite constellations and bottom-up space technology maturation areas. As a result, the New space project area will get EUR 30 million for R&D projects to develop new products, processes or services that allow considerable improvement in the mass production capacity of space systems, especially those of a strategic nature for Spanish positioning and leadership in the global operation of future satellite services.

On the other hand, the space technology maturation project area will get a pool of EUR 40 million for projects that promote progress in the level of maturity of space technologies, especially those with a high disruptive potential, which will generate a large recurrence of use and/or commercial or enable the development of cutting-edge scientific instrumentation for future space science missions.

The Minister of Science, Innovation and Universities, Diana Morant, explained that “the objective of this program, which fits in with the LOSS aerospace, is to boost the competitiveness of the Spanish aerospace industry as a key player in the coming challenges and opportunities of the sector through the development of technological capabilities”.

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