Space Nuggets 17/2023 – Island nations, Earth Observation and the road ahead: SINC 2024

In this week’s Space Nuggets Dr Emma Gatti reflects on her experience at the Space for Islands Conference and the forthcoming opportunities for new space economies. This past week she was in Maldives attending SINC 2024 and spoke about the stark differences between youth driven organisations like MSRO (Maldives Space Research Organisation) who organised SINC and conferences like the Space Symposium.

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Why should small nations join UN COPUOS? And what benefits could they gain from joining the UN COPUOS community? Dr Ulpia Botezatu, Chair of the Scientific and Technical Subcommittee of the UN Committee for Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, explains to Dr Emma Gatti, why international Western institutions should be interested in emerging nations and vice versa.