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Equatorial Space Systems partners with UK-based Commercial Space Technologies Ltd

The team at Equatorial Space. Photo courtesy of Equatorial Space.

Singapore, September 11th 2020.- Singapore’s own rocket company, Equatorial Space Systems (ESS) announces a new partnership with UK-based Commercial Space Technologies Ltd (CST) for launch services to CST’s clients using the company’s Volans small launcher, slated for its first flight in late 2022.

“With our first suborbital test flights right around the corner, it is a high time for us to focus on commercialisation. Cooperation with well-established companies with proven track record in launch campaign execution is of paramount importance for a startup in our business, and we are thrilled to win their vote of confidence,” says Simon Gwozdz, the founder and CEO of Equatorial Space.

”We are delighted with the opportunity to broaden our portfolio and offer our customers a wider variety launch options. CST also recognises that low inclination and equatorial launches, catered specifically to small satellite users, is currently a much needed yet undersupplied service. We therefore see great value in what Equatorial Space can bring to our customers and the industry at large” says Alan Webb, Managing Director of Commercial Space Technologies.

Commercial Space Technologies Ltd. has been supporting the space industry with consultancy, trade and launch brokerage services since 1983. To date CST has arranged and managed the launch of 82 satellites on 19 separate launches. This experience extends to 5 different vehicles, operated from 4 different launch sites.

Equatorial Space Systems aims to revolutionise space launch operations with a launcher safer, simpler and more affordable than incumbents, by using the company’s proprietary hybrid propulsion technology. The company’s inaugural suborbital launch of the Dorado sounding rocket is slated for the first half of 2021.

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